The Order of Things

These are the steps I would recommend taking when jailbreaking an iPhone

1. Read up on tutorials such as the ones on this site (why jailbreak?things I wish I knew, this page) and others (iClarifiedifonenation) until you’re generally comfortable with concepts and terms.

2. Especially understand whether you are on a contract (“legit”) and whether you have pwned before, questions you’ll be asked by Pwnage Tool.  Your answers to these questions will affect how Pwnage Tool sets up your custom firmware.

3. Back-up your iPhone through iTunes, even though you may not use that backup.  Make sure all your media files are available for re-synch later.  (If you are upgrading, I highly recommend also making a complete backup using rsync.)

4. For the cleanest install, remove all “Applications” by selecting the Applications Library in iTunes, selecting them all, and pressing cmd-option delete.  Let iTunes move them to the trash.  After jailbreaking, you can re-download the ones you bought (free or paid) from the store at no charge.  You can add back your cracked IPAs also later (if you are re-pwning).

5. Acquire the latest version of Pwnage Tool or RedSn0w and make sure it goes with the firmware you plan to use.  You may have to find the original firmware also.

6. Pwn your iPhone by following all instructions within Pwnage Tool (or RedSn0w) carefully and referring back to tutorials along the way.  Be prepared that putting your iPhone into the mode it needs to allow re-flashing the firmware (DFU mode) requires careful timing in pushing buttons.  Note that when Pwnage Tool is done, it places the custom firmware file on your desktop.

7. Go to Cydia and install OpenSSH, Toggle SSH and/or SBSettings and/or BossPrefs, and Terminal.  Reboot the iPhone.

8. Re-set all your basic settings on the iPhone.  (I know a major PIA.  If you are upgrading and made an rsync backup of your last installation, you can try my OS X script.)

9. If synching over-the-air through MobileMe, make sure that’s all working.

10. Add back any “purchased” applications to iTunes, and check all your sync settings and then sync.  If asked whether you want to restore from backup, it is highly advisable (though admittedly a lot more time consuming) not to do this.  I did and wish I hadn’t for stability reasons.

11. If you intend to use cracked IPAs, follow these directions very carefully.  Then add back your cracked IPAs and re-sync with iTunes.

12. Open every application and make sure they work! Reset settings as needed.

13. If you want to set up tethering (use your iPhone as a modem for your laptop), follow these instructions for use with a cracked NetShare IPA. Note that NetShare was pulled by Apple so the only way to obtain it is to use a cracked IPA. If you use it, consider donating to its developer, Nullriver. For iPhone OS 3.0 tethering is part of the OS, but not all carriers allow it (such as AT&T as of 06/2009.)  Try this site for unofficial carrier settings that allow it, but beware of possible limitations.

14. If you want to unlock your phone to use with other carriers, install ultrasn0w with Cydia (or yellowsn0w if on iPhone OS 2.2.x).

This is the end of the mini-tutorial

The rest of the content of this site will be posted as blog entries, which will provide specific tips and trouble shooting advice.


3 Responses to “The Order of Things”

  1. Neil Says:

    Been looking for hours now… (Grr)
    In step 3/ you suggest…….
    (If you are upgrading, I highly recommend also making a complete backup using rsync.)
    Do you mean “Upgrading” by jailbreaking?
    Or upgrading a jailbroken phones OS?

    I cant find any posts on rsync-ing a non jailbroken phone
    So am I correct that iphone cannot be backed up outside I-tunes before jailbreaking???

    (Sorry for the dumb Q)


  2. metaclam Says:

    By upgrading, I mean you already have a jailbroken phone. If you’re jailbreaking for the first time, you won’t be able to use rsync. So in that case, yes, just make sure you have made a complete backup in iTunes first.

  3. metaclam Says:

    Also please be aware that this blog is a bit out of date in a couple minor areas. Removing applications in iTunes is not necessary anymore. It won’t hurt but there’s no reason to do that with current versions of iTunes. Step 13 about tethering is also out of date; you could still use NetShare, but there are now other more commonly used methods in available in the Cydia store. And of course if you’re in the U.S. with AT&T you can now do it officially if you want to pay $20/month.

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