iTunes 10.5 ok, maybe on iOS 5 untethered jb

October 13, 2011

I have personally updated to iTunes 10.5 and had no problem synching .ipas as with iTunes 10.4.x.

However, note that as of now there’s no definitive word from the jailbreak devs about how iTunes 10.5 may work with future jailbreaks.  Several other blogs are reporting that it seems safe, but still to wait.  This is a typical statement:

 If you’re going to be updating to iOS 5 tomorrow, update to iTunes 10.5 today. (Jailbreakers, we don’t expect any trouble but air on the side of caution and let others test the waters first.)

In other news, for those who feared that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 was not possible, there may still be hope.  This is whatiOn1c  had to say on twitter:

As far as I know iOS 5 untether is covered by other people already. Guess who :p


iTunes 10.3.1 jb safe, iOS 5 untethered impossible?

June 14, 2011

A little late here, but I can personally confirm that iTunes 10.3.1 is jailbreak safe, at least in terms of the ability to install cracked apps with AppSync on iOS 4.3.2.  I’ve seen other reports about its continued ability to go into DFU mode, etc., but have not personally tried that and have yet to see any confirmed reports on the matter from the leading jailbreak scene figures.

In a related note, please be advised that from initial reports, it may prove to be technically i possible to achieve a untethered jailbreak with iOS 5. This would be sad news for me, because a tethered jailbreak is simply not feasible; I need to be able to reboot my phone away from my computer.  Let’s hope our jailbreak heros find another exploit!

iTunes 10.2 still good

March 3, 2011

iTunes 10.2 is still good for jailbreakers according to musclenerd.

Now we just await that damn iOS 4.3 and hopefully a working jailbreak/unlock in short order.  Still on iOS 4.01 here and it’s feeling oooooold.

iTunes 10.1.1

December 17, 2010

While there seems to be no authoritative statement from the iPhone Dev Team yet about iTunes 10.1.1, several blogs have reported success with it.

Now that there is such a great variety of jailbreak methods in the wild, it’s hard to say that it (or any other iTunes release from now on) is definitely ok across the board.  So if you take the plunge, make a backup first of your whole iTunes library (not the media files, the library files in only).  Also, if you have a Mac, there have been reports that the Software Update version of iTunes 10.1.1 was causing crashes (unrelated to jailbreak).  However, the stand-alone installer is fine.

All that said, I took the leap, and can report that it appears jailbreak-safe in that AppSync 4 still works and installs apps. My iPhone 4 is still at iOS 4.0.1 with jailbreak.  That’s about as far as I can say at this point, though.

Proceed with caution and backup first.

iTunes 10.1 also OK

November 13, 2010

Several reports indicate the iTunes 10.1 is OK for jailbreakers.  Once again, I took the leap and can confirm that it is OK for already jailbroken devices, at least on OS 4.0.1, jailbroken with  I can also confirm that AppSync 4 works as expected, and iTunes successfully installed .ipa files.

However, please note that some have reported issues with synching apps, and I’ve also seen one report of a failure to do a new jailbreak using limera1n and iTunes 10.1.  So caution is in order, and as usual, it’s a good idea to have a backup of all your iTunes database & library files (in ~/Music/iTunes/) for any previous version before you upgrade iTunes, in case you need to downgrade later.

Hopefully if there are in fact any issues with iTunes 10.1 and new jailbreaks, the dev whiz kids will work them out after iOS 4.2 comes out.  (Which is now rumored to be delayed by Apple until next week, due to wi-fi issues with the iPad.)