clam talk on iphones, macs, music, and more

Did you just get an iPhone and want to do more with it?

The world of iPhone jail breaking is daunting to newcomers, and the primary (initial) intent of this blog is to offer clarification and advisories for those wishing to tread into this abyss.

It is geared to literate, advanced computer users who are not necessarily hard-core techies, whose main purpose is to use their computers (or iPhones) more efficiently, not to use them just because.

Please refer to why jailbreak?, things I wish I knew, the order of things, and to the blog entries.

Have a Mac and want some sagely advice from a mollusk?

metaclam has over 25 years of experience with Apple products, and just might have something useful to say about developments in the Mac world for people of all levels of experience…

Or are you just looking for some random musings on music or politics or whatever?

this clam may not be able to keep its lips sealed all of the time on what just must be said…


One Response to “clam talk on iphones, macs, music, and more”

  1. Kelli Garner Says:

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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