Change the Contacts icon

I’ve covered this sort of thing long ago, but here are some quick specifics on how to change a system icon without using Winterboard.  I’ll assume some basic knowledge of SFTP. I use Transmit but you could use CyberDuck or whatever.


I find this Contacts icon much more tolerable than the horrid one introduced with iOS 7 I believe.

Download the .zip file from that link. If you’re still on iOS 7 you can work with the icons as is. If you’re on iOS 8, trash the 40×40 size, it’s not needed.  The next 3 icons rename:


Now backup the old contact icons here:


Replace/overwrite them with the new ones of the same name.

Double check the ownership/permissions remain root/admin 664.

Now delete the old cached icons. Navigate to:


and delete any temp cache files that start with:



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