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Change the Contacts icon

July 3, 2015

I’ve covered this sort of thing long ago, but here are some quick specifics on how to change a system icon without using Winterboard.  I’ll assume some basic knowledge of SFTP. I use Transmit but you could use CyberDuck or whatever.


I find this Contacts icon much more tolerable than the horrid one introduced with iOS 7 I believe.

Download the .zip file from that link. If you’re still on iOS 7 you can work with the icons as is. If you’re on iOS 8, trash the 40×40 size, it’s not needed.  The next 3 icons rename:


Now backup the old contact icons here:


Replace/overwrite them with the new ones of the same name.

Double check the ownership/permissions remain root/admin 664.

Now delete the old cached icons. Navigate to:


and delete any temp cache files that start with:



Jailbreaking iOS 8.4 with TaiG on a Mac Virtual Machine (boo on El Cap)

July 3, 2015

Hey everyone in blogville. Been quite a while…

Hopefully it won’t be long before TaiG releases it’s iOS 8.4 jailbreak for the Mac. But for those who couldn’t wait, it’s known to be possible to jailbreak using a virtual machine. Possible, just extremely frustrating.

There are many guides on how to do this, such as this one by iPhone hacks.

The most important highlighted tips include:

• turn off Find My Phone, turn off passcode lock

• use iTunes 12.0.1 on Windows; newer versions less likely to work

• run TaiG in administrator mode

I must have tried 15 times before it worked, so here are my additional tips:

• don’t even bother trying while running the Windows VM while booted into OS X 10.11 el Capitan 10.11 developer beta (at least DP1 or DP2 anyway).  There are known issues with USB, and it simply won’t work.  If you can’t see your iDevice mounted in iTunes for Windows, TaiG won’t find it either.  I had to boot into a volume running OS X 10.7 to have any luck in that first step. (hint: disconnect external drives where possible to avoid spotlight reindexing)

• first make sure you’re signed into iCloud fully on your target iDevice. This is so not to be interrupted by sign-in dialogs during the jailbreak

• turn off wi-fi AND turn on airplane mode. keep any possible interruptions to a minimum.

• don’t touch your phone, even while TaiG appears stuck for a long time at 30% or 50% or whatever. just wait until it tells you it has timed out.

• it will probably still fail many times.  Just keep trying (remember always to start TaiG in administrator mode).

• make sure to set the VM USB & Bluetooth settings to open the iPhone with Windows, NOT to ask each time. That way you won’t screw up the timing by responding to the dialogs. But of course make sure to set it back to ask after you’re done.

• Windows 8 or Windows 10 have both been recommended; in my case Windows 8 is what ultimately worked, but that doesn’t mean Windows 10 won’t.