Fixing the iBooks Fix and iTunes 10.5.3

Today Apple had a big media event, announcing its entry into interactive textbook publishing.  At the same time, it released iBooks 2 and iTunes 10.5.3 to support syncing these new textbooks between devices.

Though I don’t have an iPad (required for the textbooks), I was still interested in trying to upgrade iBooks to version 2.0.  The Corona jailbreak on Cydia version 1.0-5 announced that it had fixed the iBooks issue.  Hooray!

Problem is, since iBooks didn’t work after applying the 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, I decided to apply “iBooks Fix 2” from Cydia. Essentially that moved the iBooks application from the mobile user Applications space to the root user Applications space.  Simply uninstalling “iBooks Fix 2” (which I did) doesn’t undo that.  So how to fix it?  Manually delete the entire “iBooks” folder from /Applications using iFile, and re-spring.  Then, I was able to install iBooks 2 with iTunes, and it now works as normal.

So in sum:

  1. Install Corona 1.0-5 or higher (can be installed over redsn0w or Pwnage Tool jailbreaks for untethered iOS 5.0.1)
  2. Uninstall iBooks Fix 2
  3. Delete iBooks from /Applications with iFile & re-spring
  4. Install iBooks 2.0 with iTunes

In other news, iTunes 10.5.3 has been deemed jailbreak safe, and I can attest that it synced a cracked app.




2 Responses to “Fixing the iBooks Fix and iTunes 10.5.3”

  1. A Rocky Road to iOS 5 Untethered « Box of Clams Says:

    […] of Clams Musings from the Deep « iTunes 10.5 ok, maybe on iOS 5 untethered jb Fixing the iBooks Fix and iTunes 10.5.3 […]

  2. jay Says:

    Thanks and greatly appreciate you sharing this fix.

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