iTunes 10.1.1

While there seems to be no authoritative statement from the iPhone Dev Team yet about iTunes 10.1.1, several blogs have reported success with it.

Now that there is such a great variety of jailbreak methods in the wild, it’s hard to say that it (or any other iTunes release from now on) is definitely ok across the board.  So if you take the plunge, make a backup first of your whole iTunes library (not the media files, the library files in only).  Also, if you have a Mac, there have been reports that the Software Update version of iTunes 10.1.1 was causing crashes (unrelated to jailbreak).  However, the stand-alone installer is fine.

All that said, I took the leap, and can report that it appears jailbreak-safe in that AppSync 4 still works and installs apps. My iPhone 4 is still at iOS 4.0.1 with jailbreak.  That’s about as far as I can say at this point, though.

Proceed with caution and backup first.


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