Cloud Jailbreaking, it’s here.

A quick and easy jailbreak finally came out on Funday: Sunday, August 1.  Visit on your already-activated iPhone.

This is a totally new kind of jailbreak it seems, but it is untethered.

The earliest versions broke facetime & MMS related to permissions, but that was corrected after about a day or two.  (Those who jailbroke using that method before comex fixed it can go to Cydia to have it auto-fixed.)  You could also repair the permissions manually.  Big Boss has a terminal fix as well involving changing permissions:

Using ifile or ssh, chmod 755 /var/mobile, chmod 755 /var/mobile/Library, chmod 755 /var/mobile/Library/Preferences. Then reboot and enable facetime in settings app.

This jailbreak may (will?) not work on an iPad 3.2.1.

After about a week of using it, I can report it’s mostly successful.  It was a very quick jailbreak that’s for sure.  Didn’t even need to reboot!  AppSync 4 from worded just fine also.

On the downside, we know it relies on a PDF exploit which is no fun to leave open and Apple will certainly close ASAP.  So next jailbreak (if any) won’t be that easy for sure. [edit: apple closed this hole with 4.02.  a jailbreaker’s security patch for 4.01 was released shortly afterwards on cydia, meaning there’s no reason to upgrade to 4.02]

Also, it seems a little less stable than PwnageTool jailbroken 3G.  Springboard crashes a fair bit, and into safe mode sometimes.  of course that might not be the jailbreak but other mods I’ve made over the past few days.

There is a pixel glitch on the boot screen that comex claims is a manifestation of code injection and nothing to worry about.  and we have no cause to doubt him.


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