While your iPhone 4 gathers dust

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been obsessively checking the blogs for news of a jailbreak for the iPhone 4, while your shiny new device sits in a box.

You’ve heard the news that Apple is likely to release a new firmware version (4.0.1 most likely) within days to address some of the reported early issues, like the “death grip” and maybe the proximity sensor problem.  (It would be nice too if they quickly fixed issues with car head units as well, but we can only dream.) You don’t want to activate your iPhone 4 and have to set it all up again after a clean restore to a jailbroken 4.0.x firmware.

It’s pretty clear that the dev team won’t release a jailbreak until at least after Apple releases this bug fix, and then it will need to be tested, etc.  So it may still be awhile.

So what do you do in the meantime?

• Make sure you SHSH is backed up on Cydia with TinyUmbrella.  Like me, you may also be upgrading from an iPhone 3G, having skipped the 3GS generation, so this may all be rather confusing.  But starting with the iPhone 3GS, Apple implemented a signing system so that it is not possible to restore to an older firmware than the current one.  For the sordid story of this and a good rant, read what Saurik has to say about the issue. Backing up your SHSH guarantees that in the event the Apple finally wins a cat & mouse game with the jailbreakers, you can still go back to the last working jailbroken firmware on your current device.  You can and should do this NOW, before a jailbreak is even out.  The best tutorial I’ve thus far seen is here on jailbreaknews.

Shop for a good case.  It’s been reported that using a case will resolve the “death grip” issue, and unfortunately the glass is more breakable than Apple was touting.  Personally, I want one that allows you to slide the bottom off to use with a dock, so I opted for Hard Candy’s Bubble Slider.  It remains to be seen whether they’ll actually ship the damn thing.  A lot of cases are not even available, but you can pick up a cheap silicon one on ebay that will suffice temporarily.  You might want to get a protector film.  Be careful with the cheapos as it seems that some of them have holes that aren’t lined up properly. I got a dud myself.

• Consider buying a micro-SIM adapter.  The iPhone4, like the iPad, is using a smaller SIM card which is essentially just a normal “mini” SIM card cut to a smaller size.  This would in theory allow you to activate your iPhone 4 now to play with, but pop out the iPhone 4 micro SIM card and use it in your old iPhone with the adapter until the jailbreak is out.  You can get a micro-SIM adapter from several suppliers in Europe for about $6 Euro or less.  You could also get one for $5 US, from a company which my guess, since they don’t say where they ship from, is in Hong Kong, so by the time it shows up it hopefully won’t matter.  If you hope (like me) for an eventual iPhone 4 soft unlock to use when traveling abroad, you’ll also need a way to cut normal “Mini-SIM” cards down to micro size, so you might consider getting a SIM cutter as well as a micro-SIM adapter. For $20 Euro you can get both.  Of course you could cut your own SIM, or make your own micro-SIM adaptor if you really want to measure and cut in millimeters.


One Response to “While your iPhone 4 gathers dust”

  1. metaclam Says:

    So, it looks like Apple’s 4.01 update is not coming as soon as we thought. Last news was “within a few weeks” and it may only fix the display of signal bars. Grrr… On the other hand @musclenerd is reporting some success with the iPhone4 baseband.

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