Play app sounds from Mac rsync backup

With so many of my installed apps sending push notification sounds, it began to bug me that I didn’t actually know what some of the sounds were.  Since I have a whole lot of apps in Categories folders, I wasn’t seeing any badges either.

So I wrote What’s That Sound.  What’s That Sound is an AppleScript that will find all the sound files of extensions that you choose (.aif, .aiff, .mp3, .caf, etc) that are located within the .app folders of your iTunes-installed applications.  It doesn’t read directly from your iPhone, but rather from an rsync backup of your iPhone file system on your Mac. (It’s based on this script to restore app settings and documents from an rsync backup.)

As with that script its based on, to set this up you will need to:

  1. install rsync with Cydia on your iPhone
  2. run an rsync backup of your whole iPhone file system (terminal command and explanation are in script comments)*
  3. edit and re-save the script after changing at least your backup path, and any other desired properties (all commented in the script)

* note that the full backup will take a long time — do it while away or at night, etc.

After doing the above, when you run the script you will be given a list of all sounds in your apps, which you can then play one-by-one on your Mac.  It will also log the file paths of the sounds played in case you want to locate them.

Download What’s that Sound

Version History

1.2 - 04/05/2010: added a couple more system locations, created extra dialog for locations
1.1 - 04/03/2010: added listing of stash/root apps & system sound files; added .m4r
1.0 - 03/31/2010: initial release

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