Some notes on upgrading from scratch

Finally I got around to upgrading from firmware 3.0 to firmware 3.1.2.  I was sort of forced to after a major mess with a Cydia update.  There was probably a work-around, but since I had meaning to anyway, I did it.

As usual, I prefer to update from scratch with PwnageTool. Although RedSn0w is no doubt easier, there is the issue that has never been answered properly in my mind about losing a whole 500 MB of storage space when upgrading due to the repartition.  There’s also the real risk of losing the ultrasn0w unlock with a baseband upgrade.


One of the big concerns I had was losing the custom carrier settings that allowed tethering with AT&T.  The DevTeam released a patch which allowed you to install carrier settings for tethering on FW 3.1.2. But I was unable to get a definitive answer about whether this patch had been made part of PwnageTool 3.1.5, or whether it was possible even to apply it on FW 3.1.3 in any fashion.  So I chose to go to 3.1.2 instead of 3.1.3.

The best way to apply the patch mentioned above is provide here, with a patcher script you can install and run via SSH.  Then here is a page which provides the best carrier file I found that successfully enables tethering and also doesn’t kill visual voicemail, and also worked fine with 3.1.2.  That page gives steps related to the blackra1n jailbreak, but it worked just as well with the PwnageTool 3.1.5 jailbreak of firmware 3.1.2.

Tether Terminology Bitching

Let me take a moment to bitch about a dumb terminology issue.  The term “tethering” is being used as it has been for a long time – as a way to tether your mobile phone to your laptop to use it as a modem.  However a “tethered jailbreak” like blackra1n, means you must re-do the jailbreak after every reboot, which means your phone is “tethered” to your computer.  To me this is unacceptable, and the confusion is annoying because I need the first kind of tethering and will never accept the second kind.

Updating Application documents and settings

The script I wrote to upgrade to 3.0 still worked great, with a couple of additional steps for FW 3.1 and Mac OS X 10.6, as noted.

Restoring SMS Database

It should be noted that if you’ve done a full rsync backup, as explained in the above post, you have access to all sorts of goodies, including your old SMS database, which is located here:


Restoring Cydia Applications

AptBackup is a joke.  If you don’t restore from an iTunes backup, you don’t have your Cydia list.  I found that out the hard way when upgrading to 3.0.  This time I tried a “manual” way, but unfortunately without much better luck.  This page explains how to generate a list of your cydia apps, which can be restored with another terminal command.  The first step worked great and generated the proper file, which is human-readable.  But unfortunately step 4 didn’t work.  I think it’s related to apt-get not being installed yet, but rather than muck around with it, I just used that list to reinstall everything truly manually from Cydia.  I know there is a paid Cydia app called pkgbackup, which I may spring for next time.

Annoying iTunes 9 issue with Categories

I was looking forward to using the iTunes 9 organizing features available only with iPhone FW 3.1+.  Unfortunately if you are hiding icons, it doesn’t work very well, as most (but not all??) of the hidden icons show up anyway.  Bummer.  So I recommend installing a bunch of apps you do want organized and using iTunes first, then installing ones you’re gonna hide (with Categories or otherwise).

Speaking of Categories

I made a big set of Categories icons.


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