BB Black Metaclam Categories Icons

I created a new icon set for Big Boss’ Categories which I think finally fills the need to have a diverse and attractive set of practical icons.

It is now available on Cydia.

Please leave comments!

BB Black Metaclam categories icons

BB Black Metclam Categories Icons (version 1.2)

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5 Responses to “BB Black Metaclam Categories Icons”

  1. deepdvd Says:

    Thanks for the awesome icons, but WHY do you put WinterBoard as a dependancy?? It has nothing to do with Categories icons. I don’t want WinterBoard on my device.

    As a workaround, I had to use Cyder to get the .deb, install it manually, then move the icons to the regular BB Black folder, and then uninstall it, so I wouldn’t get warnings in Rock saying it was “partially installed”

    Again, thanks for the icons. They are great.

  2. metaclam Says:

    Thanks alot. I am aware of the Winterboard dependency and have reported it to the repo maintainer. I am not sure why it was added, and hopefully it should be fixed soon.

  3. metaclam Says:

    the Winterboard dependency has been removed now, with version 1.2-1.

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