iPhone as a laptop modem

Using your iPhone as modem for your laptop is called “tethering”. This practice is very often disallowed by cell phone carriers, even when they may allow it as part of their data package with other phones they provide (for the same price you are paying for your iPhone package even). Be cautioned that excessive use of this might tip off your provider and result in charges to you. They are greedy, greedy bastards that way.

Covering setting this up is easy because it is explained well elsewhere. I point to these tutorials in the last step of The Order of Things:

If you want to set up tethering (use your iPhone as a modem for your laptop), follow these instructions for use with a cracked NetShare IPA.  Note that NetShare was pulled by Apple so the only way to obtain it is to use a cracked IPA. If you use it, consider donating to its developer, Nullriver. For iPhone OS 3.0 tethering is part of the OS, but not all carriers allow it (such as AT&T as of 06/2009.) Try this site for unofficial carrier settings that allow it, but beware of possible limitations.


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  2. The more things change… « Box of Clams Says:

    […] to be updated for firmware 3.0.  In most cases, only the names have changed.  In some cases, like tethering and installing WeDict dictionaries, things have changed more […]

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