Safari bookmarks

Probably one of the most productive things you can do in setting up your iPhone is spend some time with Safari, even if you don’t use it, setting up some neatly organized bookmarks for the iPhone.

I preferred to make an “iPhone” folder at the top level of my Bookmarks Bar.  Then I made a number of subfolders under that, such as Mobile Portals, Mobile Applications, Mobile Sites, Mobile RSS, etc.  Then you have them handy on your iPhone without ever having to enter URLs on the iPhone.

Here are some of my top ones:

Right click in Safari to copy the link rather than going to the site, so you have a non-re-directed link.

Find some more at AppSafari or at Apple’s web apps page.

Bookmarks won’t sync

But what to do if your bookmarks aren’t syncing through MiniMe, ah MobileMe, which is a common problem? Refer to this Apple Discussions post, which advises:

Paste the following line* in Terminal, then hit enter:


You should get a response of:


Then, paste this line* in Terminal and hit enter:


* Each of these single line commands have been broken into two for browser diplay. Each should actually be separated by a single space.

You should get a response along the lines of:

2008-03-23 09:21:08.106 SafariSyncClient
LightweightMallornLoginSession is registered.

Then try syncing. You should be good to go.

If not, you may want to reset bookmark syncs from your computer, replacing data on MobleMe also.  Do this from System Preferences -> MobileMe (.Mac on Tiger) -> Sync -> Advanced -> Reset Sync Data.  Note you are able with Leopard to reset only the bookmarks and not everything else.

Hopefully we won’t need to do this constantly and Apple will fix this bug in an OS X update.


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