raison de’être

Why metaclam created this blog

There are a bewildering number of iPhone-related blogs out there.  I am a very seasoned, perhaps all-too seasoned, computer user and developer, but still found the world of iPhone jailbreaking crazy confusing.

To make it worse, much of what is out there is written by and for geeks and techies, for people who want to play with their technology, not for people who want to make maximum use of their phone for real productive purposes. Sometimes you have to weed through pages of geekier-than-thou ad hominem blog comments before getting the information you need.  I will admit I also enjoy playing with the technology and that makes me a geek and a techie. But I also have real-world uses for this, and have a day job which doesn’t involve computers at all, believe it or not.  There should be well-written information out there for people who are more interested in using their iPhone to its maximum potential than toying with it.

Having established this blog, I intend to post specific problems and solutions that are hard to find elsewhere.  For excellent tutorials not covered here, I recommend looking at iClarified first.

Now that this blog is established, I may use it to post comments not related to the iPhone.  It may contain posts on developments in the Mac world in general, on music, on politics, or on whatever I see fit.  It’s my soapbox.


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