Of problems and their nature

It is tempting to assume that when you encounter problems with a jailbroken iPhone, it is because the jail break exploit was faulty or you screwed something up.  In fact that’s a pretty good guess, and in the end you may have to bite it and restore your iPhone from a more stable firmware to a state that’s not screwed up.

Do not jump to this conclusion however.  Of the first few problems I had after jail breaking my phone (days after I bought it), it turned out that most of them were being experienced by other regular iPhone users as well.  I will cover each of these in the next few blogs separately.  

But for now, realize three things:

1. You might find answers to your problems in regular places like the Apple Discussion Forums, and not have to go trolling through the darknet.

2. A jailbroken iPhone, if you know what you’re doing, provides you with a much better chance of fixing the problem without having to completely restore.  Very often its a matter of deleting a corrupted file or changing some file permissions, which you couldn’t do otherwise.

3. If you do have to restore with a jailbroken phone, its a bigger PIA because of the extra steps you might have to take. So suck it up, you knew that.


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